One of the keys to this game is building an outpost, as this then offers a platform on which you can build mass amounts of barracks (22+) and churn out units at a ridiculously fast rate. The Outpost also grants you access to the Reaper, a unique unit that you must equip with Scythes before they may be utilized. As additional Outposts are released in the future, expect there to be further unique units becoming available. In order to build an Outpost you must first obtain a Purpleblood Pup, own a wasteland and reach level 8 or higher.The latter two requirements are rather easy to achieve, however getting your hands on a Purpleblood Pup can be a lot more tricky. Outpost also increase troop attack/defense by 15% for each level starting at level 5.

There are currently two ways to in which you can acquire the Pup:

  • Paying 250 Rubies to buy Purpleblood pup.
  • Killing a level 10 Shank’s Base
  • Paying 299 Rubies to buy Purpleblood Hatchling.
  • Killing a level 10 Lord Pythus base.

Outpost buildings

Outpost resources