FANDOM is a Thirst of Night guide which aims to help both amateur vampires who have just started as well as experienced vampires who just need a guide for wilds and whatnot. This website contains charts of required troops to attack wilds and redblood camps, a starter guide for beginner vamps, architectural information, bonus guides, and much more. The site has two lliances in the Blackout world called Vampin and a training alliance called Almost Vampin.

Home Page- This is where the Starter Guide is. It tells you the priorities while under the initial seven-day protection, and what to focus on after that.

Guides- This includes guides to Wilds, Redblood Camps, Shank's Base, Pythus' Hideout, Troops, Cities, Outposts, Farming, and more.

Forums- This is where discussion threads are held.

Find help here at:

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